Welcome on a Trip to the Arctic Outdoors


About Out in the Arctic and the Author

I am a 30-something software engineer from Finland. In this blog I write about all things outdoors, but especially of outdoors photography, hiking and trekking, packrafting and ski touring and ski expeditions. I Intend to provide gear reviews, tutorials, trip reports, photography but also share resources related to these topics made by others.

About focus on gear

The time I have available for spending in the woods or open tundras is severely limited by a busy job and family life. Often it results in focusing perhaps too much on equipment instead of experience. I hope that my focus on gear may help other people who are investigating gear themselves.

Learning through teaching

I am trying to constantly learn new outdoors related crafts. I believe the best way to learn is to teach to others. Therefore I try to share everything I have learned on this website. I would love to take you along on my journey of learning.

What nature means for me

Outdoors life (but also nights spent at our cottage on the shore of a small lake in Eastern Finland) is how I charge my batteries. Spending time surrounded by nature allows me to decouple from the stress and cacophony of daily life in the city and  from my work as a software engineer. For an introvert like me, quite time alone in the nature is a thoroughly physical and holistic experience that I quite cannot explain.

Photography on this site

Although I love photography, I often use other people’s images on this blog. The reason is simply to have a fresh and beautiful visual look on the site. All photographs by other people are credited appropriately at the end of the post.

About ads and Amazon links

I write this blog mostly because I want to share my thoughts, things I have learned and places I have seen. If I can help someone in the process, all the better.

That said, I am a huge gear head; be it outdoors equipment, cameras, triathlon gear, If I’m interested in the subject, there’s a gear angle there too.

I show ads and feature affiliate links (links that when you click and purchase, I get a small comission) on this site purely to fund the gear I feature and review on this site. At the moment, the income doesn’t even cover the basic hosting fees. To best serve my audience, I have made a decision to always put 100% of the income generated by the site towards outdoors equipment and then review the equipment.

I use a lot of links to Amazon not only because they generate a small income for me, but because it’s the most widely available and often one of the cheapest sources for any goods I’m reviewing. By linking to Amazon, the widest possible group of users can have a chance at finding out more about the product and purchasing it.




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