I have a confession to make: compared to the amount of trips I have made, I spend way too much on gear. Being short on time due to family and work pressures, gear acquisition easily replaces the real forms of a hobby. Buying cameras and lenses replaces photography sessions and cutting grams out of your gear setup replaces actual hikes.

As such it’s a legitimate part of the hobby that most people probably enjoy, but I feel it has taken too large of a role in my quest for the outdoors. So I hereby publicly promise to make more effort to actually put the gear I have to good use.

But on to the point. My equipment could roughly be divided into three kits, ultralight, regular and heavy duty. This is an article about the current state of my ultralight gear setup.

The big five

Total: 3071g / 3206g

This setup takes me through most of the year. The Osprey Talon 33 is a great backpack, but it can only fit 33l of gear. A lot can be stuffed into 33l, but at some point I do need to switch over to my ACT Lite 50+10, which feels huge after the Talon. In practice the limit for Talon is somewhere between 2 to 5 days of food + gear, depending on season and how hungry I feel.

The tent is a tarp tent style pyramid, but also a bit hybrid in that the rainfly attaches to the inner tent at points and parts of the bathtub floor. There is very little material on the Nitro tents online, this youtube video of the 2 person Nitro 2P seems to be one of the only ones. The tent uses a trekking pole for pitching. I could save 158g by only packing one.

The Exped Synmat Hyperlite has been reviewed in another post.

In my ultralight setup I go year round with my Cumulus Quilt 350, which is rated for -4°C limit. If it’s really cold, I add a Cocoon MummyLiner Silk which only adds 135g to my base weight, but increases temperature limit by 5°C.

Food and drink

The 1l kettle fits the gas canister perfectly, leaving room for the stove and two packs of noodles.


Misc gear

Photo credit: Stefan Rimaila, with Nitro 1P inserted into the picture.



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