I’m heading for a six day ski expedition to Halti (the highest fjell in Finland) in a couple of weeks. I’ve written about planning nutrition intake for ski expeditions before. Here’s the food I’m packing for the trip:

As you can see, mashed potatoes and bacon is on the menu again. I’m going with a quite high carbohydrate content. Last trip I tried to artificially increase the share of fats in the menu by using nuts, which I ended up not eating because of boredom and digestion problems. I do have lots of nuts again but I’m giving myself the permission not to eat them all if I don’t feel like it.

Chocolate selection was dictated by nice sales on the Twix and Fazer Blue, which is a milk chocolate. I would have liked something a bit darker, but the price was at this time too good to pass the offer by.

I feel 4000 kcal is plenty enough, I could probably survive easily with 3000-3500kcal, although I do believe I will be burning the whole 4000kcal per day.

Here’s the food laid out (except for the bread, Vaasan Ruispalat which I’ll buy closer to the trip, highlighted in white to remember it’s not ok yet). I will be dividing them again to “day bags”, small plastic bags that contain the chocolate, nuts and Twix bars and coffee for each day. That way I can just have that day bag in my jacket pocket and eat a little every break and sometimes even while skiing if I start feeling out of energy.

Mashed potato poweder comes in 2×2 bags. I will probably re-bag it in zip lock bags together with the dried bacon so for each day I have a bag I can just pour in a pot, add boiling water and dig at it.

Photo credit: Carsten Frenzl


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