I have been packing for a four day hike through the Kevo canyon in Utsjoki, Northern Lapland. The length of the route is 63km and approximately 70km with some planned detours.

The estimated duration is four days, with possibility to hike the route in three, or extend to five days if necessary. This is about the maximum duration where I can still fit the kit into my light kit, where the carrying equipment is a Osprey Talon 33 liter backpack.

I am sharing a tent with a hiking partner, which is not ultralight. Also I’m carrying a lot of electronics that can by no means be considered ultralight. Therefore this is more of a light or medium weight kit.

Below you can see the packing list with weights for the trip. The total weight for stuff in backpack is approximately 12,3kg with 1,6kg of clothes.

The categories are divided as follows:

Here you can see me fit most of the stuff into the Osprey Talon 33 liter backpack

Food for the trip is as follows:

Here’s me packing the food into day bags



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