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Friday, July 30, 2021
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Building a Buschraft Kit the Finnish Way: Part 1, Knives

Outdoors and hiking gear and traditions have become as polarized as anything in the modern life. If ultralight is one end of...

Kokopelli Nirvana Self-Bailer: A quick review

After a couple of years of mostly sitting in the storage, I finally managed to take my Kokopelli Nirvana self bailing packraft...

Why Fat Bikes are the perfect tool for microadventures

Probably the most influential piece of gear for my outdoors activities in 2018 and 2019 was the Stevens Mobster SX fatbike I...

Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail MTB 130km 2019 – a race report

This is a story of a failure, and a success. A race report from the 130km MTB race held in Utsjoki, Finland...

Out in the Arctic, 2019: The Path Forward

This blog has been living a quiet life of its own for most of 2018. There are few updates, little new material....

Choosing the right type of stove for your backpacking trips

There is a dizzying variety of stoves available for backpacking use. You may be choosing your first stove, or have one type...

Outdoors camera update

Last year I posted the Outdoor camera shootout as a response to the investigation that I had been carrying out on what would...

Skiing in Kilpisjärvi – a Black and White Adventure (2017)

This is the story of a ski trip to Kilpisjärvi and the Käsivarsi wilderness area we made together with Aleksi, an old friend of...

Anfibio Packsuit Basic: A quick review

I went on a two hour sea kayaking tour around the islands of Helsinki. It was my first time in a proper kayak and...

Using stoves inside tent: carbon monoxide results

I posted earlier about whether using stoves inside the tent is safe or not. After a five day ski trip to Kilpisjärvi Wilderness Area, I...